Paying Attention

Paying Attention


We are told by our ancestors that it is the smallest creatures of this world that are most important. The creepers and the crawlers stir the medicine of the earth for us.  Elders know that ants, aan-naa-koonz, when asked in prayer, will kick up healing pebbles that are placed in our sacred rattles, shee-shee-gwum, which means "shaking the sacred stones or pebbles all over".  Their vibrations send echoes into the spirit world.  The old teaching behind this is the vibration they send but also the sound they make.  Our ears are made to hear this sound and bring peace and quietness to our spirits if they are agitated.  (Original teachings of the Ojibwa people)

I was walking around Lake Louise in Weaverville where I use to take my sons when they were toddlers to play. The memory of their laughter and the essence of their youth filled my being with their love medicine. As they are now adults, and as I walk around the lake inspired, I notice small pebbles arriving in my shoes. When I was young, my frustration or annoyance would have taken my shoe off and tossed the pebbles away. Today, the wisdom of universal connection and self healing brought me joy and awareness. Like Acupuncture and Reflexology, the small pebbles know exactly where and what is needed as the pressure shot up through my feet to heal what was calling within my body. Ahhh, Meegwetch, it is done, thank you.

What are the small things that you have noticed that bring a big impact into your life and echoes to the life of others around you?

Shine brightly ~ Vicky

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