Office, Nature or Ceremony

I blend the brilliance and experience of psychotherapy with the beautiful wisdom of nature and Native American healing traditions and ceremony.   

Individual Sessions at 135 Cherry Street, Asheville, NC

Trauma, transitions, and spiritual awakening.   I guide women and healers with your own natural healing abilities to resolve and to evolve.

intensive 2 - 3 hour individual sessions, leicester, nc

Come experience healing in ceremony in the Teaching Lodge.  We use sacred fire, sharing, and healing the way our ancestors taught us.

medicine walking - Let's get outside.....

Nature provides an ancient healing process that is amazing!   Come learn how being out in nature is medicine that you purposefully connect to for healing.  When pointed out, you will discover and connect with a deeper sense of self healing.

distance professional counseling (on the phone with Wisconsin folks)

You can use on-line services with  It's easy and convenient.  Glad to connect with you this way.

Sharing and Healing Circles  

Spiritually and emotionally, sharing and healing circles help us to connect and reconnect with our emotions, thus enabling us to move forward in life with peace and confidence! 

Personal & professional guidance

With over 25 yrs of experience, I will guide you as you take yourself to the next level.

Spiritual awareness & guidance

Are you wanting to connect on a deeper level?   Come share what you are experiencing.

the power of our light and LOVE

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What is self love....what is everyone talking about?......We all have a brilliant light within us...some of us call it love others our soul or spirit.  Others call it an energy that we are all connected to.  When we remember our light and love that is within us and we connect with it once again....this is a place where we begin to naturally heal. 


I am wab-schkee-aniimee kwe (white thunder spirit woman)

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It is with the purest of energy that we align ourselves to our truth.  When we allow our truth to be vibrated within us and around us....we float into our every vision and dream of what our lives are meant to be! 

It is my passion and purpose to serve  women and healers.... to guide you with integrity along your own journey and your own path to even more enlightenment!  I know this term is overused and sometimes underused....but there is truth in awakening moments and enlightenment.  Are you ready?  Slowly.....we begin.