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I specialize healing trauma, our transitions in life, and process addictions.  I blend the brilliance and experience of psychotherapy with the beautiful wisdom of nature and Native American healing traditions, Transpersonal Psychology with the Inner Counselor TM Process, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). 

EMDR was originally designed to alleviate traumatic memories through adaptive resolution.  Distressing thoughts are relieved, negative beliefs are transformed, and physiological arousal states are reduced.  Bilateral stimulation is our brains natural way of processing life events.  In the office you will receive permanent results to traumatic or fearful events.

Native American healing traditions are verbally passed down from centuries ago.  They perfected the healing arts that includes the natural world around us and the whole person - body, mind and spirit.  Stories, legends, and values will align you to your truest self which will bring peace and happiness back into your life.

The Inner Counselor TM Process is best described as a guided self-awareness process that is designed to create a connection between the sub-conscious, conscious, and super conscious levels of the mind.  This process changes old patterns of thought and behavior and also builds higher levels of conscious awareness with continued use.  You will be amazed by the results of healing specific issues and feelings with each session. 

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Individual Sessions at 247 Charlotte st, ste 204, Asheville, NC

I work with all genders and 13 yrs and up with a special focus on working with women 40 and over healing trauma, transitions, and spiritual awakening.   For those who are ready to move to the next level of exploration and growth from old hurts and pains.  Depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, and physical discomforts will fade away with deeper healing as we resolve and evolve. 

individual intensive 2 - 3 hour - by appointment only on fridays

Sometimes, we just want extra time and attention on ourselves. Maybe a group retreat is a bit too much.  You can take your time and have a space and place to share your story from your heart and release and let go of it all.  We will be outdoors with a fire as you set an intention for healing through meditation and/or prayer.  Natural healing moves us to our core and you will leave renewed and refreshed.

outdoor therapy - by appointment only on fridays

Let nature be your healing guide.  Nature provides an ancient healing process that is amazing!   Come learn how being out in nature is medicine that you purposefully connect to for healing.  When pointed out, you will discover and connect with a deeper sense of guidance and self healing.  We will walk/hike on nature trails within a 15 minute radius of downtown Asheville.

distance professional counseling (on the phone with Wisconsin or north carolina folks)

You can use on-line services with Zoom.  It's easy and convenient.  Using the Inner Counselor Process on-line is perfect sense it is a guided imagery used with your eyes closed.  It is a deep dive healing process that will amaze you with its results.  You will want to come back for more!

Personal & professional guidance

With over 25 yrs of experience, I will guide you as you take yourself to the next level of professional growth and development.

Spiritual awareness & guidance

Are you wanting to connect on a deeper level?   


the power of our light and LOVE

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What is self love....what is everyone talking about?......We all have a brilliant light within us...some of us call it love others our soul or spirit.  Others call it an energy that we are all connected to.  When we remember our light and love that is within us and we connect with it once again....this is a place where we begin to naturally heal. 




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It is with the purest of energy that we align ourselves to our truth.  When we allow our truth to be vibrated within us and around us....we float into our every vision and dream of what our lives are meant to be! 

It is my passion and purpose to serve  women and healers.... to guide you with integrity along your own journey and your own path to even more enlightenment!  I know this term is overused and sometimes underused....but there is truth in awakening moments and enlightenment.  Are you ready?  Slowly.....we begin.


Call today for your free 15 minute consultation to find out more about permanently overcoming negative patterns and past traumas or e-mail me to make an appointment.  828-301-0097/