We are Creator

We are Creator.  We are the image that created us, therefore we create.  It is a magnificent power that we hold within us.  Do you have a burning desire?  Or joyful tears?   A sigh from deep within?  Then, you have the ingredients to create a masterful life!

I am honored to share a piece of the Creation Story of the Ojibwa people told by Bebahmoytung.
"The old Spirits of Thunder created the formation of a new star called our sun........as the breath of the thunder spirit with water and the breath of the thunder spirit with fire and the breath of the thunder spirit with air all blew their powers to a center. The birth of a STAR was born ...water and fire create a ball of pure energy held together by the gravity of air. It has been stated by the old ones that knew that the power of the beings was so powerful that it created an energy so intense it's energy blew in all directions and thus was the creation of the planets"

Breath life into your goals this year.  We are full of purpose and passion.  We are made of water. We are filled with air.  Blow the elements from within your being into the center of your masterful plan in life.

Everything within us, surrounds us as we have created everything in our lives.  We are our own teachers and we are forever learners.

Be well and happy in the new year!

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