Healing the Healers and the People

with experience and spirit, taking it to the next level

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“I believe that the more we do to continue our own healing, the more we are able to help others. And when we connect more deeply with our spirit, we become more alive, happy and free.” — Vicky Acton





Healing from trauma

Freedom of past trauma is possible. Healing is a process that takes time. Along your healing journey you will come to know how your brain heals, along with how you can naturally heal your body, mind and spirit. You will come to feel safe, and know that what you may have considered impossible is possible.

INTIMACY is Connection

Do you feel connected and understood?  Do you desire to experience a caring touch—moments of laughter and tears? Intimacy is a process of opening up to yourself and others. It enhances trust and honesty. It quenches our thirst and swells our hearts. Relationships are important. Sexuality is important. Loving ourselves is important.  All are welcomed.


Thank you for helping our community by giving your gift to others. Now it’s time to take care of YOU. Come to be heard and cared for. Give yourself a gift and an opportunity to breathe and be present with your own healing journey.  I combine Psychotherapy and Native American healing ceremonies to help you move to the next level.