specializing in Trauma, transition, and spiritual awakening

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“I am honored to be in the presence of beautiful spirits as I witness the miracle of healing and spiritual awakening.” — Vicky Frue

Are you a woman who is feeling overly sensitive and irritated?  Are your emotions waking you?  Are you letting go of traumas of the past and embracing new life stages?   I specialize in Transpersonal Psychology, somatic experiencing and EMDR, while blending indigenous teachings to allow the freedom of natural healing. I enjoy working with all genders, with a special focus on women over forty who are curious about their inner wisdom and spirit that is ready for the next step of exploration and growth.

Transpersonal or spiritual psychology invokes our natural healing abilities.  Through guided imagery we dive deep into our wounds and come out inspired by our inner wisdom that heals deeply and completely.  Other modalities can keep us in our minds where we become confused and misguided. 

Through experience, non-judgment and intuition I help people to resolve and evolve, by focusing on trauma, transitions and spiritual awakening—healing from the inside out.

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake" Henry David Thoreau


Call today for your free 15 minute consultation to find out more about permanently overcoming negative patterns and past traumas or e-mail me to make an appointment.  828-301-0097/vicky.frue@centervalleycounseling.com


Do you have this feeling inside that things are changing?  Are conditions surrounding you?  Do you have a glass around your flowering self?  Without conditions, I will guide you back to your natural habitat of self.  A flower that respects the winds, sun, water and soil that it belongs in... flourishes, strengthens, and grows wild and free beyond its wildest dreams!


Are your roots bound up?  Ready to connect with the spiritual person and self healer that you are?   I believe in you!  Shake off any debris that may be blocking your growth...remember who you are instead of what others have told you to do or be.....Feel the warmth of belonging and become intimate within yourself.  Discover yourself walking in your own beauty.


Are you ready?  In spirit, we go into a different dimension of discovering our authentic self.  A pure truth reveals itself within your own journey and discovery.  Walk down your own path, know what is below you and within you!  You will experience your own spirit, your own truth, and be on your own path. You will say, "I am spiritually connected again!"