Do you ever feel like you are disconnected from yourself or do you do what others have taught you and then you are left with not knowing your true answer or direction?  The answers we seek come from within.  Our mental and physical health is about unlearning what we have learned so that we may become the masterful design of the universe that our bodies reflect...healthy, colorful and purposeful!  We come here to this earth to experience are you ready to experience your life, from your eyes, your ears, your spirit?

Let's begin by learning how to watch and to listen.....



Indoor/Outdoor Programs

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Individual Sessions - in the office:

We can begin here to meet and greet one another.  Welcome!  I have tea waiting to be sipped upon!  In the recovery stage of healing, you discover as you align with your mind, body and spirit.

Medicine Walking - sessions outdoors:

We will walk in the beauty of North Carolina and discover how nature provides an ancient healing process....

Sharing Circles:

Give your heart a voice with freedom and unconditional love around the fire.  Your mind will settle, your emotions balance, and your body becomes healthier as we are all connected within ourselves.  Come renew and refresh so you can live life from your center as it guides you.

Healing Circles:

Women healing circles, friendship circles, reconnecting families, healing workplace relationships......healing circles give balance to emotions that are swirling about and within...give breath to truth from your heart and feel the relief of being connected to yourself and others on even a deeper level.  Our relationship to our self, friendships, families, and colleagues will be empowered and healthy again.


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Day Quest Retreats:

  • Sacred Teachings
  • Healing our Past Wounds
  • Discovering our Spirit Names
  • "Mental Health Day" Vision Quest



"My life has changed because of all that happened for me. I was overwhelmed with a warmth, love and understanding when looking at things from my past that I was letting go of. This was extremely healing for me. It was a spiritual experience. It defined what spirituality really means for me...I was very aware, that I was always being challenged to trust myself...Thank you Vicky. Thank you for not holding my hand and leading me to where you thought was best for me. Thank you so much for letting me find my way, for letting me find a way to trust myself, for letting me fly and be free in my own unique way. I am ever grateful you have come into my life." B.W.
"With Vicky there are no techniques.  She is a gifted healer who knows how to zero in and help a person find the truth in the center of her being which changes everything permanently....You have help me awaken...thank you.  How very lucky and blessed are your new clients in those mountains who will allow you to walk with them this leg of their journey..." ~Z.
"I'm feeling amazing.  I have movement in my body that did not exist before.  I had felt really "stiff", like everything was tight all the time, and that no matter what, it wouldn't let go.  That has ended.  It is complete.  And I have a new laxity.  My massage therapist today was able to get deeper to do some work and I was able to relax into it, into a different space.  I feel a lightness in my energy, vitality and doesn't really beget words".  H.S.


Wab-schkee-aniimee Kwe and Bebahmoytung

Wab-schkee-aniimee Kwe and Bebahmoytung