First Thunders

The first thunders of spring were heard. Bolts of lightening streaking across the skies. All creatures of the forest that hibernate already have given birth, young mothers are beginning to stir as their young feed. Soon all will greet the new beginning. Young gain strength as mothers who gave birth begin to weaken. They are weakened so that they welcome the new season without interruptions. It is their fasting time as they vision quest within their dens. Their instincts tell them it's time to awaken and begin again to introduce the new young ones to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is again pregnant about to give birth to a new generation of beings.

The thunders shake the creepers and the crawlers as they stir the soil, and the lightening wake the plant nation from its sleep.  We begin to smell new fragrances and hear the birds singing. It is customary to have ceremonies of thanking the growing season and renewing our energy.

Healing from deep within naturally, as the thunders vibrate us and the lightening wakes us...shed your tears, scream out loud, and bask in your awakening moment as your winter prayers become the new vision that moves into your life with ease and grace.

Shine brightly, Vicky

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