"Connect more deeply with your spirit, and become more alive and naturally free." — Vicky


Hi, I'm Vicky

My spirit name is Wab-schkee-aniimee Kwe (White Thunder Spirit Woman).

I am a ceremonialist and spiritual healer but you might also call me a healing guide or a spiritual caregiver.

Some people call me a unicorn...what the heck?  Apparently, because I was born and raised here in Asheville, NC for 30 yrs. moved away (to Wisconsin for 20 yrs - I can shovel some snow I tell ya) and came back to Asheville.  A unicorn!  Okay :) I like the visual!  So....my story is that i was the youngest of 4 children...yes, the only girl.  Spoiled, happy, and loved to climb trees!  This is where I got perspective.  I still love trees, but now walk upon the fallen ones....and i have always been the observer of life.  A vision came to me when i was in the 5th grade...the skin of all people red, yellow, black, white....when put together became what i now know to be a pipe stone color...like red clay.  We are all ONE.....still believe it to this day.  We all have spirits with different colored skins....thank goodness, we have a palette of colors to paint this beautiful world with.

I learned to be a therapist the way we were taught and then I unlearned the things I was taught and became better at listening and hearing what others truly were searching for.  Then I began to understand that it is the searching that causes us unhappiness.   The more we look outside of ourselves, the longer our journey.   We really want to remember and to know who we are!  It is in the simplicity that we come back to our own intuition and knowing.  Our culture has made it all too complicated.

So.....I've been an apprentice of traditional teachings and ceremony sanctioned by Bebahmoytung (one who is heard and hears all) who is of the Muskrat Clan from Nigigoonsiminikaaning traditional territory in Northern Ontario.  He is a Mide-Wee-Gwan Elder.  It is true!  For centuries, they have kept the wisdom of self healing and simplicity alive!  Blending psychotherapy and indigenous teachings and ceremony is an honor.  And, I truly am honored to share these teachings with you so you too can remember who you are and who you have always been.

We are creators of our own lives...

I believe in natural healing and that we are all born with light and love inside of us.  Some people call it "soul", others call it "spirit", or some call it "energy from the universe".

We are natural healers.  Since our bodies can heal from a cut, a broken bone, or many illnesses....so does our mental health...through dreams, behaviors, and our intuition.  When pointed out...you will be amazed how you are already healing. 

Being in ceremony, nature or my cozy office are beautiful places to discover, release, and renew.  We can take the time that it takes to feel done instead of watching a clock.

If you have a feeling in your heart that knows it is time to continue your healing journey within, call me and we can talk about what program may be a good fit for you.

  ~Vicky/Wab-sckee-aniimee Kwe (White Thunder Spirit Woman)


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Certifications and Training

  •  23 Years of experience as a Psychotherapist working with trauma and addictions.
  • Ceremonialist - sanctioned by Ojibway Elders of Native American Values and Ceremonies
  • BS - Psychology - College of Charleston
  • MS - Community Agency Counseling - Western Carolina University


"Understanding Natural Healing from Native American Values and Philosophy"

Click here and scroll to show #77 for an exclusive interview with Vicky on "A Mindful Emergence" radio show with Eddie LeShure and Margaret Kirschner, recorded live on June 12, 2017.