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About Vicky Frue

My story begins having grown up with three older brothers. I grew up tough and tender. I could drink anyone under the table and I curtsied before I danced. I grew up with riots in the 60s, was a tomboy in the 70s, and I danced at debutante balls and under disco balls in the early 80s. The birth of a therapist!

When it was time to go to college, my Father told me to go into business school, even though I had experienced and observed enough to know that I wanted to go into psychology to figure out what this life was all about. I flunked out of business school after my Sophomore year. I was more interested in drinking and not at all about business. Then I met a mentor who believed in me, my worth and intelligence, so I went back to school to get that Psychology degree I always knew would teach me. At the age of 23, I learned through my wrongdoings and instincts that enough was enough.  Do you feel that way now?

All along, I had also succumbed and recognized the other side of addiction as a co-dependent and a target of abuse. I learned the difference between sweet and salty tears, and began to heal. I moved from living a fake “good life” to a genuine living breathing person again. How did I do that? After a divorce and having been a single Mom, which weakened and then strengthened me.  I learned how to believe in myself—to create the life I wanted to live, and began to see the power of prayer and hard work.  I know you believe in yourself too because you are reaching out for help!

I graduated with a BS and MS in Psychology with honors. I learned to be a therapist the way therapists are taught, and then I unlearned the things I was taught and became better at listening and hearing what others truly were searching for. Then I began to understand that it is the searching outside ourselves that causes our unhappiness and lengthens our journey. Come learn to listen to your wisdom that is showing you the way.

“Through experience, non-judgment and intuition I help people to resolve and evolve, by focusing on trauma, transitions and spiritual awakening.” — Vicky

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Certifications and Training

  • 24 Years of experience as a Psychotherapist working with trauma and process addictions

  • 10 years experience as a Ceremonialist sanctioned by Bebahmoytung, Ojibway Elder of the Muskrat Clan from Ontario Canada (not a professional service with CVC, PC but a significant educational approach to healing trauma that was learned)

  • Trained in Transformational Psychology - Inner Counselor™ Process

  • EMDR I & II - ten years experience

  • MS - Community Agency Counseling - Western Carolina University

  • BS - Psychology - College of Charleston

  • Licensed in North Carolina and Wisconsin

  • NCLPC #12537

  • WI #2581-125



MY Journey of Healing From Within


As a young mother and therapist, I was introduced to a sharing circle introducing Native American stories and ceremonies during a conference. It kicked up some old hurts and pains that I didn’t know were lingering within me. With tobacco, I put my prayer down to bring Native American ceremony and customs into my life so that I too could continue to heal from the inside out. For eighteen years I prepared food, stones and wood for gatherings and ceremonies. I cried, screamed and sat still. I listened to teachings, stories and legends from many who have walked the red road.

Why did I gravitate to Native Americans to continue my understanding of healing from trauma and life’s lessons, because I had a vision when I was in the 5th grade that showed me that all the colors of the people will eventually become one. I knew then, that the “red people” had something that I wanted to remember deep within. Traditional therapy was good, but healing from the heart and spirit were missing.

I now sing from my heart and live in a good way. I am love, I am worthy, I am okay.  I have survived trauma, many transitions, and have spiritually awakened.

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MY Approach

I utilize the work of Transpersonal Psychologist, Ann Nunley, PhD with the Inner Counselor™ Technique, and Francine Shapiro's, PhD work with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). These are beautiful holistic ways of completing our processing of old hurts and pains. I also has extensive training and knowledge with trauma experts Bessel Van Der Kolk and Dan Siegel’s Mindsight.

I see Native American culture as an original source of integrative healing, and blends my extensive knowledge and experience in therapeutic processes with indigenous traditions to create a place where our emotions, thinking and physical bodies become aligned and healthy, which results in spiritual awakening.


"Understanding Natural Healing from Native American Values and Philosophy"

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