Becoming Quiet

Becoming Quiet

Winter shows us that it is a time of becoming quiet, moving inward, slowing down.  As the frost or snow blankets the earth, it gives time for the earth to heal.  The ice gives a shield of protection.   Stop the machinery, the digging, the energy it takes to move the earth.  Even though we keep moving upon her, she can’t feel it as she heals.

During the winter months, Center Valley Counseling, PC is offering during the brightest moon, sweat lodge, and during the darkest moon, a sharing circle.  The sweat lodge ceremony offers purification and cleansing.   We sit with our spirit.  The sharing circle balances our mental and emotional selves.

Have you ever noticed that in the dark a lot of healing takes place?  It is an ancient process where healing is done with others but not seen by others.  It gives us a comfort level to speak from our inner truth.  The expansion of our awareness increases because the darkness does that as well.  It teaches us.

The holidays and the winter solstice stir the source of who we are.  I invite you to come breath, find simplicity, and peace as we discover the ceremony within.

Sending you love and warmth for your heart ~ Vicky

Vicky Frue