Give Away

What would you be willing to give away?  The most precious item in your heart that says, “I must keep this”.  You know in your heart what it must be.  If you were to give it away, what would you experience?  How would you feel?

Our culture gives the illusion that to be fulfilled we must possess.  Our loved ones, the land we live on, the shiny objects that entertain us.  Setting our conditions free gives strength to the most important relationship of all. 

The ancestors of this land of America knew of hard times, difficult times, loving times.  They share a ceremony called The Give Away.  A blanket is laid in the center of the people who gather.  During times of loss or transition, this beautiful ceremony balances the energies of hardship and peace.  It allows an experience that is deep and profound.  Letting go becomes alive in the hands and hearts of another.

This time of year we all have different traditions to carry on from one generation to the next.  Or, we cuddle up on the couch watching Christmas parades and shows.   Some of us are alone and others are with their families.  Some cry with saddest in their tears and others with joy.

            As we free our children to grow…. and cradle our parents as they go…., what do you wish to experience and give thanks for?

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Victoria Frue, MS, LPC, NCC

“Discover the Ceremony Within”

Blessings to you all ~ Vicky

Vicky Frue