We are Medicine

We all have our own medicine....

It is true that we are all unique.  If there were 500 people lined up in a row looking into the longest mirror in the world and everyone were asked to bare themselves, not one person would have the same shape, expression, or nose.  And, even deeper, no one has the same spirit, purpose, or passion that drives us into this world with inspiration.  We all end up helping the communities and in some cases the world.  Our spirit vibration ripples out into the lands around us.

A grand ceremony happens everyday as we are born.  Birth.  A miraculous marveling birth.  Whether we are people, animals, plants or stones.  We are created and create, evolve and continue on as the past has done before.    Long ago and in many places tucked in around the world, Grandmothers who were connected to the spirit world would peer into the spirit that had been born before them and would share the spirit name of the child who cried out, I am here.  A young girl, Bright Star.  What a beautiful life you will share.  We become our name.  We are guided from within from the first day we open our eyes.

Today, when we look around us, our culture, the media, the clothes that are made and sold, encourage us to compare, become more, the best.  We are taught now to look outside of ourselves for guidance.  Sadly, we become someone we would like to be, a puppet, a follower.  I am happy to say, as I look around, the younger generation are here to show us how to connect to ourselves and to the universal law and natural law around us.  I am smiling.  I see young and old coming back to the guidance within and around us.  Peacefully, we remember and become who we have always been.  Uniquely me.

Vicky/Wabschkee-aniimee Kwe (White Thunder Spirit Woman)

October 16, 2017



Vicky Frue