Spiritual Women and Healers

Resolving and Evolving

As We Discover the Ceremony Within

Trauma, transition, and awakening

Learning about self healing through your inner wisdom


My mission is to provide a sacred space for spiritual connection and healing for those who feel ready for that next phase of exploration and growth.  I combine the ancient wisdom of Native American healing traditions and modern day psychotherapy to allow a deeper connection and alignment with your mind, emotions, and body, thus allowing your spirit to be free!  My goal is to provide a safe place to be you from the inside out!  Come discover the ancient healing process within you that naturally knows how to heal itself.

My services include helping spiritual women and healing professionals with natural healing, spiritual guidance, healing circles and/or use of pure energy in ceremony. Our natural healing modalities are pointed out as our dreams, behaviors, and language are teaching use.  When the pure connection of knowing happens, we free ourselves into health and joy that we deserve.  Self healing and attunement to your spirit within awakens.   

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“In our Center....we become awakened, alive, and naturally free.” — Vicky/Wab-schkee-aniimee Kwe


Ceremonialist, Spiritual Healer, and Psychotherapist






Women and Healers

i guide...are evolving

Do you have this feeling inside that things are changing?  Are conditions surrounding you?  Do you have a glass around your flowering self?  Without conditions, I will guide you back to your natural habitat of self.  A flower that respects the winds, sun, water and soil that it belongs in... flourishes, strengthens, and grows wild and free beyond its wildest dreams!

or...they are growing out of their pot....

Are your roots bound up?  Ready to connect with the spiritual person and self healer that you are?   I believe in you!  Shake off any debris that may be blocking your growth...remember who you are instead of what others have told you to do or be.....Feel the warmth of belonging and become intimate within yourself.  Discover yourself walking in your own beauty.

or...they are curious about their spiritual healing abilities and gifts

Are you ready?  In Ceremony, we go into a different dimension of discovering your authentic self.  A pure truth reveals itself within your own journey and discovery.  Walk down your own path, know what is below you and within you!  You will experience your OWN SPIRIT, YOUR OWN TRUTH and BE ON YOUR OWN PATH!  You will say, "I am spiritually connected again!"