The value of healing is to value natures way of teaching... and knowing our life is ceremony.

The walk of life reaches far into our mental awareness, deep within our emotions, into our physical challenges of life, and spiritually connecting to all that we are.

Our being walks in the realms of physicality, spirituality, emotional and mental realities and knowing it's limitations.  Values are born and nurtured from natures evolutionary stages as the days and years evolve to experiences waiting to happen.  The evolution of teachings have developed and evolved from a spiritual inception to manifest mentally in a physical realm.

The evolution of the heart and body embraces the spirit and mind.   Together they create a human being to explore and experience natures way.  Teachings are natures way of showing us that what we experience are the teachings and ceremonies are our way to giving thanks.  To embrace life is to learn to experience and the experiences are our teachings to pass on and share with others.

The hidden gems of life lie within.  All that we learn is natural when it comes from the intended source.  Mysteries hail from the depths of the unknown soon to be discovered.  The heart has been given secrets and these secrets reveal in time of a time once known to others.  It's companion the body is a vault of knowledge and in that knowledge is a containment of experiences to be revealed at some point.  The spirit needs no introduction and has no need to bask in learning for it has been created perfectly.  The mind on the other hand brings tools to help us cultivate and salvage anything of importance as we move about carrying and discarding knowledge.

The value of learning is being and breathing.

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Vicky Frue