Medicine Walk

Medicine Walk has been an indigenous teaching taught to children to connect them to their origin, to walk with natural medicines of the forest.  The forest hide many gems of healing, yet they are well identified and categorized by Native American people.

Nature's medicines provide a natural anti-dote, as the naturalness of trees cleanse the air for better breathing, the fragrance of flowers provide a scent of cleanliness, and the sound of the winds carry through the thickness of the forest, bringing a moment of serenity.  The natural beauty of the forest is witnessed and the feeling of seeing beauty deepens within as the cleansing process begins in a natural setting.

The purpose of medicinally walking through the forest was to create a spiritual connection from an emotional level as one begins to feel a connection, mentally and physically motivating your body to feel that connection spiritually. Medicine walks were nature's way of providing healing and bringing back the serenity of stability.

Come... experience how the wounds within can become silenced as they are released as we walk.

I am available to walk within a 10-15 mile radius in Asheville's beauty.  Daytime hours as well as evenings and some weekends are available.

Vicky Frue