Natural Healing

As a practicing therapist and practitioner of Native American cultural values and traditions, my purpose and passion is both to guide therapists and other healing professionals to their source of optimal health, and to assist individuals in the healing of trauma.

My philosophy is that natural healing connects us with our own natural healing abilities.

Natural healing takes place as we learn about how our dreams, bodies and behaviors help us heal. Our bodies can heal wounds, regenerate cells and the natural healing can help mend our mental health.  If our bodies can heal wounds, broken bones and regenerate cells, then why can’t our mental health heal itself?

Through teachings and stories, we are shown what is already happening within our natural healing process. Natural healing flows with nature’s energy as we discover we are all part of the flow of this energy.

"In our Center….we become awakened and alive, and naturally free."
— Vicky Frue, MS, LPC, NCC, EMDR Therapist

I am here to guide your natural healing journey to take you to the next level of your understanding and knowing, both emotionally and spiritually.

To do the deeper work I offer both indoor and outdoor session from one to two hours.

A Path of Discovery to Natural Healing
Private Pay Only

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Vicky Frue